Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Christmas Cheer

 This past Christmas, I hosted several dessert evenings.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of the desserts but have several pictures of friends and decorations that I will post. I had some friends from BSC over one night to enjoy an assortment of desserts (Icebox fruitcake -nothing like real fruitcake, jello balls, butterscotch squares,and a failed attempt at Cranberry bliss bars).  I also had some co-workers over one day for another dessert party and then my final Christmas dessert party was for all my neighbors.  I had been in my apartment since August and hadn’t really met any of my neighbors so I thought this would be a great way to get to know some people in my building.  Unfortunately only 2 neighbors came but we had a great time meeting and getting to know each other and enjoying desserts.  I chose to do desserts at each of these events because they are easy to do in large quantities and easy for people to come and go since the holidays are always a busy time.  As Christmas approaches this year I will try to post the recipes of some desserts that I love making around Christmastime for you to try on your own!
 Also, this next thing is so silly but for me I was so excited. I learned to REALLY gift wrap this year.  With that lesson I learned I should not be allowed to buy wrapping paper with designs on it because then I stress about getting everything centered.  My mom also taught me how to make my own bows, so needless to say I get very excited about wrapping presents now!  I will post a picture of me in the midst of wrapping along with some of the other Christmas photos I have from around my apartment. 
                                   Loree and I taking a break from Christmas desserts.
                       Awful picture but I was so excited to learn to actually wrap gifts!
                                                              Christmas tree and village!
                     All the Santas in the center!  This even became part of my decoration!

                                               Friends, Laughter, and Desserts!

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