Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Thanksgiving Dinner

Yes, I know a few months late or just getting prepared a few months early.  This past year was my first year as a college graduate and working full time! With that came a very different schedule throughout the year when than I had been use to for the past 17 years. I had to work the day after Thanksgiving which meant I would not be able to go home for the holiday.  So I hosted Thanksgiving here, another sign of grown up life! My mom came up for the week, my aunt came up for the day, and one of my friends from work joined us for the meal. It was a terrific first Thanksgiving in my apartment. Small glitch in the day was when my power went out for about an hour that morning! But in the spirit of Thanksgiving, "thankfully" I have a gas stove and oven so the turkey was able to continue cooking and didn't set us back too much. We had turkey, creamed corn, dressing, sweet potato casserole, deviled eggs, Watergate salad, Hummingbird cake, and pecan pie! I loved everything about it. After our Thanksgiving meal we went to pick out my Christmas tree and my mom stayed and helped me decorate my apartment! That will come in another post!  A few pictures to share from my Thanksgiving!
                                                                      The table setting
                                                            Working away in the kitchen!
                                                                     The Dessert Table!

                                           Taking the turkey out of the oven, almost time to eat!

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